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Built with you in mind, its super clean, sleek and simply a pleasure to use. We give a lot of time and effort to ensure our users love to use our products. It makes us smile.

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When you love something, you give it all the attention it needs. Our products are handcrafted with love and attention to detail to ensure a quality result. We know you’ll love them.

Top Notch Support


We care about your site just as much as you do. We love to help! We understand that users may need help in setting up their site. And that’s why we provide free support.


“We appreciate the endless hours of service you dedicated to getting the Website and the Student Management Systems completed on time. We all admired your ingenuity in creating that outstanding Website and Web Application for our School. I am personally impressed with the way you kept your staff motivated and focused, even in the face of several obstacles.”

Client Prasad sirK. A. Prasad

Chairman, Velangani Education Society.

“…I have never experienced that kind of support from any other template makers, ever. I would recommend this template to everyone building a full featured Church website and I would especially recommend the makers of the template for their abilities and their service. In the future, I will search Nakshatra before I look anywhere else to buy templates or widgets for my clients needs.”

thumb_01_60_60Warren McClish

CEO, WKM Media Services.

“I just bought awidget yesterday — my first purchase from Nakshatra. The widget is great, and I’m now able to incorporate SoundCloud files into my site.What’s really amazing to me, in addition to the widget itself, is the incredible support I’ve gotten from the Nakshatra team since I purchased the product. At first I was having trouble understanding what I was supposed to do with it, but every question I asked was answered clearly and patiently. My experience makes me want to do more business with Nakshatra!”

Client - Ron StanfordRon Stanford

Freelancer, Stanford Creative

We hired Nakshatra to organize our business online, simplify our process, create an amazing brand that communicated to our demographic clearly and increase our sales. We highly recommend the entire team!

thumb_01_60_60Thomas Keck

General Manager, ElabsAG.

Thank you for all your dedication to not only creating a stunning website but also for asking us the right questions so we could produce the best possible representation of our corporate motto. Everyone here was pleasantly surprised at how professional the entire design process was. You really impressed us at every turn.

Client KonstantinKonstantin Buzenec

Freelancer, FVS Templates

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We love to do great work with passionate people. If you’re a brand, big or small, someone looking to collaborate or just wanting to say hi, we’re game.
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