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Frequently Asked


Feel free to poke around these FAQ's to find just what you're looking for.

Getting Started

What is Adobe Muse?

Adobe Muse is an application that enables designers to create websites without writing code. You can plan and design your site using familiar features that are common in other Adobe applications such as InDesign, Photoshop, and illustrator. You can also simply publish through Muse, without any need of having the knowledge to work with FTP client applications.

Muse is Perfect for you, if:

  • You are a designer.
  • You do not like coding.
  • You like coding, but you prefer to save “the coding time” and spend it on the design.
  • You like to see what you design and make a web layout without boundaries.
  • Or none of the above, you just want to design your own site but you do not have any web design skills.

What is a Muse Template?

A Muse Template is a predesigned website that is created either in the form of a one-page website or a multi-pages website. Anyone can use a Muse Template, modify it and build a website using it, without having any knowledge of coding, only by opening it in Adobe Muse and customizing it by changing the images, color, and texts.

Nakshatra Muse Templates usually have advanced configurable widgets that are not available in Muse by default.

What is a Muse Widget?

A Muse widget (Configurable Muse Widget) is a tool that allows you to extend the features in Muse. Sometimes when you are looking for a feature that is not available in Muse by default there might be a Muse widget that helps you to achieve it.

What is needed to use your Adobe Muse templates or Widgets?

All you will need is a current Adobe Muse subscription and a basic understanding of how to use Adobe Muse.

How can I install Muse widgets?

Follow these simple steps below,

  1. After you have downloaded the widget, unzip it. You will have a folder with 2 files in it.
  2. You have a widget file called Mulib (.mulib file). Double click on it and it opens up Adobe Muse and automatically installs the widget.
  3. In Adobe Muse and open up the Library panel from the menu
    (Windows → Library).
  4. Once the widget is installed, it adds a new folder to your library panel named after the widget’s name.
  5. Open the folder and you will see the widget(s) installed. Voila
  6. Now you can drog the widget from the library panel into your project.

Can I use a Template or a Widget to design a client's website?

Of course, you can. Having said that, please note that our License allows use of each template or widget in one single-end product which end users are not charged to access or use.

You can do this directly or, if you’re a freelancer, you can create the end product for one client to distribute free to its end users. You can charge your client to produce the single end product. Please note that distribution of source files is not permitted.

If you have two clients, when you use a widget for his/her project, then he/she owns the license, and you need to purchase the product again to get another license for your new client.

For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Account and Membership

What payment methods do you accept?

Memberships can be purchased using all major credit cards and PayPal. Please note you can not purchase a subscription using Visa Debit (or similar credit/debit cards), as they do not allow recurring billing (required for memberships).

Single templates can be purchased using all major credit cards, as well as Visa Debit and PayPal.

Where can I download my invoice/receipt?

Receipts are sent automatically via email when you signup. To download a PDF copy, click on the “billing portal” link included with your signup email. If you have trouble accessing this link, send us an email at https://www.wearenakshatra.com/contact and we can send it your way.

What happens to my templates and widgets when my membership expires?

Nothing at all.

As long as you downloaded the files, these belong to you. You can keep using MuseThemes files after your membership expires.

Can I cancel my annual membership?

Although we work extremely hard to ensure you won’t want to cancel, we want to ensure you only use MuseThemes because it is best for you. If you need to cancel, please send in your cancellation request to https://www.wearenakshatra.com/contact within 14 days of purchase and we will process a refund.

How do I change the profile picture on my account?

If the picture you would like to change is in the right-hand corner of the MuseThemes page when you login, then the picture is actually being pulled from another site called Gravatar. This site links to multiple others and provides your profile picture (e.g. blog posts or comments). You can change your profile picture by logging in to Gravatar and editing your profile.

Features & Functionality

How do I modify the graphics, text, and links in a template file?

All graphics, text, and links can be changed directly in the Adobe Muse file. In cases where a logo or texture is linked to an external image file, you may relink it to a different graphic you have in mind or simply modify the original graphic and update the asset in Adobe Muse(think “Update Links” in InDesign).

Text is based on established paragraph styles, however you may modify them as you see fit. The fonts are pulled straight from the Adobe Typekit library and are available directly in Adobe Muse.

How do I edit the mobile/tablet versions of your templates?

All of our templates come complete with mobile versions and some come with a tablet version. To edit either version for your site, click the “Phone” or “Tablet” layout buttons in the “Plan” view in Muse.

How can we add blogs to our Adobe Muse sites?

Blogging isn’t currently available directly in Adobe Muse, but can be achieved with third-party services. Check out Tumblr or Nabble, which use embedded HTML and can be used in your Adobe Muse site. We are currently working on a better solution to make this easier for you.

Do your widgets require specific hosting providers?

Although we don’t release widgets that require specific hosting (e.g. Business Catalyst), some of our widgets do require you to signup with a third-party system (e.g. Swiftype or Shoplocket). Most of the third-party systems we use are free to signup.

How do I add a content management system to my Adobe Muse website?

If you are hosting with Adobe Business Catalyst, you can use InBrowser Editing to integrate content management functionality directly in Adobe Muse. Third party services such as Surreal CMS can be integrated by editing the code in Muse (not recommend for novice users).

How do I use Google Analytics with the templates?

Google Analytics tracking codes can be quickly implemented by adding them to the “HTML for <head>” section in your site properties.

Click here for information on implementing the Google tracking code: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1008080?hl=en

Will my site be compatible with any future updates to the Adobe Muse software?

Existing templates will be updated to the latest version in the online store and republished for purchase. Users who have existing, published sites based on previous versions of Nakshatra templates will simply update their version of Adobe Muse, and republish the site themselves.

Updates (such as bug-fixes) to the templates will be available to the existing customers on an ongoing basis, and will be notified via email when a new version is ready for download.


Why am I getting duplicate widgets when I install a widget bundle a second time?

Each time we introduce a new widget into our Toolbox or Widget Library, you will need to install the file(s) again to ensure you have the latest and greatest widgets. In order to avoid duplicates, your old Toolbox or Widget Library must be deleted before installing the new version. We recently introduced version numbers to our Toolbox folder to avoid any confusion.

When I open a template I receive a warning about “Missing Assets” - how do I fix this?

Assets are included with each template, but must be relinked in Adobe Muse when transferring files to a new computer. The instruction document included in the .zip template file contains more detailed instructions.

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